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Don't continue struggling thinking that you can't get help because you are short on cash. In almost all cases we are able to work out a payment plan with our clients, and as long as the first payment is made, we will file your case. We have assisted over 1000 San Diegans through the bankruptcy process since 2005.  We can stop creditor harassment, wage garnishments, bank levies, and lawsuits -- the same day you call us if needed.

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Positive Credit Impact

Credit Score, Post Filing

In nine out of ten cases, our clients see their credit score increase anywhere from 25 to 180 points the first year after filing bankruptcy. Things really have changed. While in the bankruptcy process, our clients receive multiple letters from car dealers saying "hey, we know you're in bankruptcy, but come talk to us and let's see if we can work out a better deal for you on a car." The sooner you file, the sooner your credit score will rebound which means lower interest rates on car loans. Filing sooner rather than later will also get you in line faster to qualify for a home loan.

Get your Free Credit Report

Clients of The Debt Solution Law Group receive a free credit report at their first meeting. If you want to know to what extent bankruptcy will increase your credit score, but have not yet decided on whether you want to file bankruptcy, we can obtain a credit report for you for a nominal charge.

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