Introducing the Bankruptcy Practice

At S. E. Cowen Law we have the expertise to successfully handle almost any bankruptcy matter, just as we have for over 1000 San Diegans since 2005. We make the process of filing as simple and efficient as possible. We see our job as removing stress from your life, not adding to it. You will have access to your attorney throughout your case. Phone calls are answered immediately or promptly returned. Our Google and Yelp reviews and client testimonials are proof that we deliver what we promise.


Bankruptcy Chapter 7

When a potential client calls, we pre-qualify them for bankruptcy, and then schedule a free, office consultation if they do. At the office conference, we go over the client’s options with them, fees and payment terms. If the client decides to go forward, we sit down with them and go through all the questions on the bankruptcy petition. We don’t use questionnaires. At the end of the first meeting, we send the client an email with the final list of information and documents needed to file the case. In almost all Chapter 7 cases, the client keeps all their property while wiping out all unsecured debt such as credit cards, taxes, pay-day loans, judgments etc.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is a court-ordered debt repayment plan that is better than any other. Behind on your mortgage? Through a Chapter 13 plan you can get caught up over 60 months typically with no interest. And at the same time, often, owe nothing on your credit cards and reduce the amount of your auto loan to the current fair market value of your car. You can also strip-off a second or third mortgage if the house is worth less than the first mortgage. If you make too much money and can’t wipe out your credit cards, in a Chapter 13 plan you can offer to repay the credit cards at interest far less than what you would pay without the protection of the bankruptcy court. And while in the process not only can’t a creditor sue you or garnish your wages, they can’t even call you.